Use Tasker to automatically send email for missed phone calls or SMS texts

Use Tasker to automatically send email for missed phone calls or SMS texts:

UPDATE 1 (Sep 22, 2012):

NOTE: This apparently only works with an unlocked screen (screen lock), since the Locale Execute Plug-in and Dpad (steps 2-4) cannot interact with the K9 program if the screen is locked!

UPDATE 2 (Dec 20, 2016):

NOTE: There are two better ways of doing this, see: a variation of Auto Send Email, or using IFTTT.

Original post follows:

I wanted my mobile phone to send me an email message if I missed a phone call in case I didn’t hear it ringing. This is not the most elegant solution (using SL4A with a python script would be cleaner), but this is easier to setup.

NOTE: You can surely make another profile similarly for received SMS or MMS messages by in step “b”, replacing with Event→Phone→”Received Text”, and in step 1, for the variable names, use %SMSRF, %SMSRN %SMSRB, %MMSRS for sender address, name, body and subject respectively! Indeed, you can use this K9 mail method anytime you need to send yourself an email message from your phone.


  1. Rooted Android phone
  2. Tasker
  3. K9
  4. Locale Execute Plug-in (but NOT the Locale application)

Note: FIRST install, run and configure K9 so it can properly send messages.

  1. New Profile, named: “Email If Miss Call”
  2. [trigger] Event → Phone → Missed Call
  3. New task, named: “Email Re Missed Call”

Steps in “Email Re Missed Call” task:

  1. Net → “Compose Email”
    • Recipient(s):
    • Subject: Missed Cell Call: %CNAME %CNUM
    • Message: Missed call on cell Phone
  2. Plugin → Execute
    Configuration → Edit
    !input keyevent 82
  3. Input → Dpad
    • Button → Up
    • Repeat → 2
  4. Input → Dpad
    • Button → Press
    • Repeat → 1
  5. Display → “System Lock”

Notes about the above steps:

    • Replace with the email address you want to send to, and tweak the subject and message however you wish.
    • If you are using a gmail account, ensure that within K9 you Bcc yourself (Menu→Settings→Account Settings→Sending mail→Composition Defaults), otherwise the message will only show up in your “sent messages” and NOT your Inbox!
    • The %CNAME and %CNUM variables are built-in by Tasker for returning the missed call’s name and number.
    • Ensure that K9 and not some other mail program is associated with sending messages from Tasker!
  1. This is using the “Locale Execute Plug-in” to simulate pressing the “Menu” button on your phone. Type this in as shown. With my testing, the “!” is necessary to give it root privileges. Note: there is no “Enter” button when done typing, just press your phone’s back button when done editing.
  2. This uses Tasker’s Dpad ability to highlight the “Send” selection in K9’s popup Menu options.
  3. This uses Tasker’s Dpad ability to select “Send”.
  4. Optional: To turn the screen off when done sending. (K9 will exit when done.)


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    • Stephan, wanted to say, i love your plugin. I can’t believe how useless tasker is without it and autovoice.

      well done man. Paid customer here.

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