Newsyland blog starts!

Newsyland blog starts today.

Yes, the world is treated to yet another blog.  I have wanted to have a blog for some time now, to share, give back if you will, things I have learned – some internet wisdom and some of my own discoveries.  I spent some time looking at CMS software and wanted to do something based in Python since I’m learning it, but since my web provider ( only supports version 2.2.1 (yes, a version over 4 years old, and yes I asked for a newer version but was shot down), I decided instead on the ubiquitous WordPress.

I’m an oceanographer in California, where I use Matlab and build websites, so will hopefully pass on nuggets of wisdom regarding Matlab, Javascript, PHP and CSS. I’m also a recent and enthusiastic Mac OS X convert, but dabble in Linux (Fedora) and am a Windows power user, so these subjects may come up. I’m also learning python and planning on taking some of the O’Reilly on-line classes, so will probably post some things about them too.

Oh, and “newsyland” is, I hope, a witty homophone to New Zealand – a place I’d love to live some day…

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