The Best Firefox Add-ons

I can’t use any other browser no matter how fast or cool because I’ve gotten so used to add-ons for firefox!

Here are mine, and in case you’re wondering, I have all these currently installed (Mac OS, is my current OS of choice) and Firefox runs at nearly the same speed as no add-ons:

——— These are INDISPENSIBLE: ———

DownloadStatusbar:  Simply a much better download manager.

FlashBlock:  Replaces flash objects with a play button (‘>’) you must click before you can see it. Purpose is to lessen the amount of distracting things shown on most webpages.  You can add any website to a whitelist.

NoScript:  Extra protection! You must explicitly opt-in to any javascript or java (and other plugins) for every website (permanently or for just this session). You can add any website to a whitelist.

Tab Mix Plus:  Lots of fantastic tweaks for tabbed browsing.  lastest (beta) versions here:

Nuke Anything Enhanced:  Allows you to select any object (e.g. text, image) in a webpage and choose to remove it or remove everything else (can bring everything back with a simple page refresh).  Fantastic uses:  delete an annoying animated gif!, or clean up a page before printing!

——— Adds lots of convienience: ———

MouseGestures:  Use your mouse for navigation. For example, holding the right mouse button while clicking the left, takes you back a page.

LinkAlert:  Changes the cursor to indicate the target of a link (e.g. shows a small pdf image if it links to a pdf)

ForecastFox: Displays the current weather (including radar/satellite) and forecast info constantly in your toolbar or statusbar. Nicely configurable.  Sure nice to have in a place where it actually rains!  Brings audio streaming (free) to your browser with a handy small controller!!

Mac PDF: (Mac only) displays pdf documents in their own tab (instead of launching Mac’s built-in “Preview”)

GMarks:  Allows you to have access to your Google Bookmarks everywhere and easily.  I’m still getting use to this as I’m not a very organized bookmarker.  What’s cool about this is that you can search for text within the entire webpage of any bookmark you have – pretty powerful that is!   see also

BugMeNot:  Allows anonymous logins to those annoying “free” websites (e.g. NY Times)

——— KEY Webpage Development or Tweaking or Investigating Tools: ———

Firebug: Tons of tools; can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page!

Web Developer Toolbar:  Big and extremely helpful set of tools for messing with webpages.

TamperData:   View and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers, etc.

——— Some ‘niceties’ provided by ———
All these allow small tweaks to the way their respective websites are displayed:



better gmail:

better gcal:

better amazon:

——— Deactivated mine, but you may want to check out: ———

LiveHTTPHeaders: View HTTP headers of a page while browsing.

Nightly Tester Tools:  You’ll need this to allow add-ons to work if you’re using a beta version (i.e. Minefield) of Firefox.

Google Pagerank Status:  Display the google pagerank for the currently viewed page. (VERY unfortunately, this add-on is not kept current)

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