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In Mac OS X (10.6 Snow Leopard), after closing Snowtape version 2.0.4, I see in Activity Monitor there is a service/process running named RadioAgent. In Snowtape under Preferences → Recording → “Enable automatic wakeup from sleep”, is NOT checked, and thus I expect all related processes to quit when I exit the program. However, this is their response to this:

This is intended behavior. The RadioAgent has a purpose. I won't go into any 
detail. If you kill the agent manually you might get unexpected behavior we can 
not support.

If you do want to stop or deactivate the RadioAgent (for example, you are trying to upgrade Snowtape and get the message “The operation can’t be completed because the item ‘RadioAgent’ is in use”.) is this the Terminal command to use:

launchctl remove com.vemedio.Snowtape.RadioAgent

3 thoughts on “Vemedio Snowtape RadioAgent

  1. “The RadioAgent has a purpose. I won’t go into any detail.”

    What? I think we have the right to know in detail what purpose RadioAgent has.

  2. Because of RadioAgent, we have just removed SnowTape from our Family Pack of systems. The fact that you declined to even explain RadioAgent at even a high level was a factor in purging your product form our systems.

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